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When it comes to looking sharp and professional, there's nothing like a suit that fits you just right. Fortunately for everyone who has had the misfortune of wearing clothes too big or small for them at some point in their life, Imperial Alterations offers skilled tailors specializing in alterations - from taking an ill-fitting jacket up or letting it out; shortening sleeves on any long sleeve garment; making pants waist smaller if they're baggy (or bigger if necessary); tapering the leg openings so your trousers don't bunch when sitting down and hemming anything with pant legs.
For suits, we can provide alterations within 1 (2) week, however, a rush alteration may apply with the rush fee.
Pricing varies based on the complexity of alterations, so we'll need you to see it in person before providing a price quote. The price of clothing alterations may change depending on the features of processing and details on the garments.

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