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Wedding dress alteration is an important part of planning for your big day. Your perfect gown will be fitted to you in every way and tailored according to the latest trends so that it's a flawless reflection of who you are as a couple on this special occasion. Our professional tailors will take care of preparing your gown before the big day so that it fits just right and be comfortable. We have years of experience with any type of alterations, including hemming and adding layers or lace trimmings on the bottom, hemming many layers, with horsehair, with bustles. Our tailors work perfectly with corsets or just classy wedding dresses made with silk, lace, any type of beats, or sequins.
For wedding dresses, we can provide alterations within 4 weeks.

The Best Bridal Alterations in Hoboken, NJ

When it comes to a wedding dress, alternations are very important. Your dress should fit perfectly to make you look stunning on your big day. If you are also looking for a wedding dress Alteration company in Hoboken then there could be no better place than Imperial Alterations. We will alter your dress in a way that will perfectly fit you and look flawless.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Imperial Alterations for your bridal dress Alteration in Hoboken if you are looking for;

  • Professionals deal with your dress with utmost care and perfection.
  • Listened stylists who will make sure your dress doesn't get damaged at all.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • And affordable rates.

What Can Be Expected From Our Imperial Wedding Dress Services?

We have a team of professional and highly skilled tailors and dressmakers who will perfectly alter and restyle your wedding dress. We make sure that your dress looks perfect on you from every angle.

And you comfortably enjoy your day in your fancy wedding dress. Imperial Alterations not only help with the bride's wedding dress Alteration but also with other people's dresses joining your big day.

Custom Bridal & Groom Alterations in Hoboken, NJ

Besides the bride's wedding dress, we also provide alteration services for bridesmaids and groom's dresses. We will make sure to style and alter your bridesmaid's dresses the way you want.

We will also alter your groom's wedding dress. Our tailors can also make suits from scratch according to your requirements. In short, we will make sure that your wedding party clothes look perfect and stunning.

Recycle And Restyle Old Wedding Dresses

If you have an old wedding dress of some family member which has your sentiments attached with it and you want to wear it on your big day, our dressmakers will then remodel that dress for you.

If you want then our tailors and stylists will modernize your dress. So you can wear your favorite dress on your wedding day still looking modern and gorgeous. Our dressmakers will treat your dress with utmost care making sure the old dress is modernized without any damage to it.

Contact Imperial Alterations

So, if you want to look perfect in your wedding dress make sure to contact Imperial Alterations for the best wedding dress alterations and remodeling. Our team will make sure your wedding dress fits you perfectly and you look flawless in it. We are providing this special occasion alterations service in Hoboken. You can contact us and make an appointment to make your wedding dress a perfect fit for you.

Pricing varies based on the complexity of alterations, so we'll need you to see it in person before providing a price quote. The price of clothing alterations may change depending on the features of processing and details on the gown.

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